Kirsten Gillibrand


Kirsten Gillibrand
Kirsten Gillibrand


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On the issues:

Led the call for Al Franken to resign from the Senate. Some viewed this as a publicity stunt to prepare for the 2020 Presidential race.

(Twitter) Proposes universal paid family leave.

In the News

Gillibrand invokes “faith” (BuzzFeed)
She called herself a person of “deep faith” and described the fight for social justice as a “battlefield.” She mentioned the “golden rule” and alluded to scripture that reveals the “faith’s mighty powers.”

Gillibrand was once opposed to “amnesty” for immigrants and she took a hard-line stance. But she’s changed <wink><wink> (CNN Twitter account)

Gillibrand rejects Trump’s immigration offer: “I don’t take him on his word on anything” (CBS News)

What if the gov’t were 51% women? (Gillibrand tweet)

Kirsten Gillibrand, rejecting PACs but backed by Wall Street, announces presidential bid (Open Secrets)

How Kirsten Gillibrand went from pushing for more deportations to wanting to abolish ICE (CNN)

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