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John Delaney
John Delaney


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On the Issues:

Charter school supporter (tweet)

John is terribly confused about capitalism:
“we historically channelled the power of capitalism towards maximum societal good with appropriate regulation, taxation & societal infrastructure.”
John has apparently not been paying attention to the greed of corporations and the rich. Just look at the chart below:

Delaney tweet: Another Democratic Party blind supporter of Israel and its inhumane and murderous practices. In her tweet, Ilhan Omar criticized AIPAC, an organization supporting Israel and its inhumane practices. This has NOTHING to do with religion (“anti-semitism”). Delaney must be on the take from the AIPAC lobby (like many Democrats).

Nancy Pelosi AIPAC sellout

Delaney tweet: Delaney believes climate change is real, supports alternative energy sources

Delaney tweet:
We are making our tax policy debate too complicated. IMO we should: (1) double the earned income tax credit (2) roll back tax cuts on high earners (3) put Buffet Rule in place and (4) do true corporate tax reform. This can get done, helps workers, is fair & fiscally responsible.

Twitter: Democrats are too liberal. “We are a center-left or center-right country”. [I guess Trump supporters are “center-right”.]

In the News

Booed by California Democrats After Criticizing ‘Medicare for All’ (KTLA)

Exhibits pouting narcissistic tendencies (twitter)

The Long-Shot Presidential Candidate Gaining Ground in Iowa (Politico)

Twitter: Delaney is apparently not an advocate for Medicare for all: “Schultz is wrong about Democratic Presidential candidates. Not all of us support fiscally implausible paths for healthcare. Voters aren’t there either. Pew last week: majority of Dem voters prefer fixing ACA over single payer.”
Presumably refers to Howard Schultz calling Democrats “healthcare radicals”

Twitter: “I believe that my Universal Healthcare plan will be more accepted than Medicare for All & this report from Kaiser Family Foundation supports that view. When people realize that Medicare for All will eliminate private plans and cause taxes to go up it loses significant support“. What Delaney (and the poll) fail to mention: Medicare for All may cost more in taxes but it will eliminate expensive private insurance premiums and would probably afford better coverage.

Here’s Delaney’s healthcare proposal. The government provides some sort of “basic” coverage (?) and people can pay for private coverage if they want “real” health insurance. Private insurers will still be able to skim off money from the top of those private plans.

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