This website is owned and published by a “mature” (some might say elderly) midwesterner who has lived in several states and has had an interest in politics, politicians, and the people who vote for them.

Personally, I have a liberal leaning. I can’t accept the “You’re on your own” philosophy of the Republican Party or the Libertarian Party. But I understand where they’re coming from.

I’m fed up with the duopoly and with their always expecting us to vote for the least-worst candidate. In 2016 the duopoly offered us the worst of the worst. It doesn’t have to be that way, but let’s face it: Voters are lazy and brainwashed from decades of political party propaganda. They don’t research the candidates and their history.

Like most, I’m fed up with the status quo, the inequity, and of being ruled by the oligarchs. I believe we’ll see rioting in the streets, as in the 1930s, if things don’t start to improve for the working stiffs (the serfs).

How government works

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