Why NOT to Vote for a Republican

“Pro-Life” my ass: Emails show Trump admin had ‘no way to link’ separated migrant children to parents
” [I]n short, no, we do not have any linkages from parents to [children], save for a handful,” a Health and Human Services official told a top official at Immigration and Customs Enforcement on June 23, 2018. “We have a list of parent alien numbers but no way to link them to children.”

Batshit Crazy: How conservatives rationalize their surrender to Trump
“[Roger] Kimball has transitioned from comparing Trump rallies to those of the Nazis (“he encouraged a whipped up crowd to extend their right arms in Nazi-like salute while pledging allegiance to the Great Leader”) to calling Trump “a salubrious and morally uplifting”president.”

The Catastrophic Performance of Bill Barr
” It has been catastrophic. Not in my memory has a sitting attorney general more diminished the credibility of his department on any subject. It is a kind of trope of political opposition in every administration that the attorney general—whoever he or she is—is politicizing the Justice Department and acting as a defense lawyer for the president. In this case it is true.”

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