Candidates for U.S. President 2020

Democratic Party

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Tulsi Gabbardinfo / Appears to be one of the few, if not the only,
Democrat willing to criticize Israel for its inhumanity, torture, and killing of Palestinians.

Julian Castro

John Delaney info / does NOT support Medicare for All, zealously
supports Israel and its murder of Palestinians.

Andrew Yang info

Richard OjedaDropped Out

Kirsten Gillibrandinfo

Cory Booker info / voted “No” on pro-Israel anti-BDS bill (violation of free speech)

Sherrod Brown info / Does not support Medicare for All. Voted “No” on anti-BDS bill (violation of free speech)

Kamala Harris info / Refused to prosecute Mnuchin / questionable record as a prosecutor. Voted “No” on anti-BDS bill (violation of free speech)

Pete Buttigieg – info Jan 23, 2019: Launched exploratory campaign

Elizabeth Warren – (info) announced exploratory effort and is campaigning, but not yet officially declared. Opposes #BDS but voted “No” on anti-BDS bill (violation of free speech)

Amy Klobuchar (info) Voted “Yes” for anti-BDS bill (favors the restraint of free speech).

Possible candidates to run but not yet announced:

Beto O’Rourke – (info) He gave a “definite no“, but who knows?

Joe Biden? – (info)

Bernie Sanders – Even though he’s “not a Democrat”. Not yet declared.

Steve Bullock (Montana governor)

Jay Inslee (Washington governor)

Howard Schultz? (Former Starbucks CEO) – the story

Gavin Newsome (California governor) – has said he won’t run for President but people are wondering about the list-building ads he’s been running of Facebook.

Comments regarding the Democratic Party:

As well as being owned by corporations, Wall Street, and plutocrats, the Democratic Party is owned by AIPAC. “The group was formed to spin positive PR after Israeli atrocities”.

Nancy Pelosi AIPAC

Election Meddling by foreign countries:

Russian meddling in U.S. elections: Bad

Israeli/AIPAC meddling in U.S. elections (and ownership of U.S. politicians): Good. (AIPAC “was formed to spin positive PR after Israeli atrocities”.)

Republican Party

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Draft Ann Coulter (really)

Donald (“stable genius”) Trump
We offer no info about, or links to, Trump. You should know by now he’s
mentally ill, malicious, a chronic liar, divisive, destructive, morally
bankrupt, can’t negotiate, and is an obnoxious buffoon with the
maturity and intelligence of an eight-year-old.

Comments regarding the Republican Party:

It’s a purely partisan tribe which prefers supporting and defending its mentally-challenged President over representing the interests of America and the American people. The #GOPTaxScam is only one example of how Republicans take care of the rich while ignoring the rest of us.

The GOP is a party controlled by Israel. Republicans are in the pocket of AIPAC/Israel, even supporting the suppression of free speech if it benefits Israel.

Green Partywebsite

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See Ballotpedia for list

Everybody Who Has Filed

View the names of everybody who has filed to run for President at the FEC website.

Their Position on Issues

Let’s face it: Candidates positions on issues are often worthless fabricated falsehoods and deceptions.

They use focus groups and surveys to determine people’s concerns, then they tell them THAT is what they’re going to address. Don’t fall for the bullshit. Look at their history. One source: OnTheIssues.org